About ATAG

It a professional membership non-profit organisation founded in 1960 for visual arts educators. Established in Winneba, the Associated began with seventy-three (73) members of which thirty-two (32) were from secondary schools with forty-one (41) from Teacher Training Colleges (now College of Education).

Its membership consists of all Ghanaian art teachers from preschool to tertiary levels of education; student-teachers in art-based tertiary institutions; teacher-artists, art administrators, cultural officers; and art museum educators. This implies that art-based lecturers in universities, colleges of education and high schools and the basic levels form part of its membership.


The Ghana Art Teachers’ Association promotes art education through research, training, advocacy and maintaining professionalism in teaching and learning in art at all levels of education.


  • To advance ethical standards of excellence in pedagogy in student-teachers, amateur and certified art educators through research, education and training; and promotes Ghanaian and African arts and artists.
  • To advocate for increased resources for art education at the district, municipal, regional and national levels.