Ankrah, O., Micah, V. K. B. & Donkor, E. K. (2021). Art and the Sublime: (De)Illusionism in the statue of Azumah Nelson at the Essipon Stadium, Ghana.

The relevance of the sublime is seen in the statue of Azumah Nelson at the Sekondi Essipon National Sports Stadium, Ghana, particularly of his philosophies and boxing achievements. Although the life-size cast aluminium scrap statue of the national sporting icon Azumah Nelson is mimetic and inspires awe and grandeur, there has been professional and public (de)illusions of the work. Many have observed and argued that though the statue conveys a message of nationality and vigour of his rule in the boxing ring for over two decades, others hold that there are issues of illusionism between the real and the fictive often served as the most poignant intensifier of visual pleasure of the statue. This study looks at the art of the sublime and (de)illusions of the statue of Azumah Nelson mounted at the Essipon National Sports Stadium in the Western Region of Ghana. Azumah Nelson is a boxing icon who brought fame and honour to Ghana. Using narrative and interpretive methods, the discussions revealed that there are (de)illusions reflecting in the statue of Azumah Nelson. These visual (de)illusions of mimesis, optical and reality were seen to be reflecting a state of bravery, courage, achievement and love for nation by Azumah Nelson.

Art and the Sublime: (De)Illusionism in the statue of Azumah Nelson at the Essipon Stadium, Ghana
Published: March 26, 2021

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