Navei, N. (2020). Sociocultural contexts of Chaira pottery art

The uniqueness of pottery is synonymous with its makers. The pottery art of the various ethnic groups in Ghana is inseparable from their cultural identities in that, the art is entrenched in their cultures. Notwithstanding this, much is not documented about the sociocultural contexts of Charia pottery art in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Adopting qualitative paradigm and case study design, the study purposively sampled eight (8) practising potters of not less than three decades of pottery experience in Charia. Empirical data was collected through interviews and field observation in order to reveal the sociocultural contexts of Charia pottery art. The study concluded that Charia pottery art has long historical standing, however, the art has since become women’s job in the generational life of Charia, and largely practiced by old women. The study recommends massive involvement of Charia women including the young ladies in the pottery art of Charia since the practice of pottery/ceramic has become a lucrative business venture in contemporary Ghana. Also, it emerged that Chariapottery art is a home affair. The establishment of a communal pottery centre in Charia by the potters through the formation of a formidable front is recommended. The sociocultural contexts of Charia pottery art is that which interlinks with the daily lives of the people. It is recommended that, Charia potters should continuously produce such culturally-related pottery wares to showcase, and preserve the sociocultural identity of the people to their future generations and for public admiration.

Sociocultural Contexts of Chaira Pottery Art

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