Asenso, K., Issah, S. & Som, E. K. (2020). The use of visual arts in environmental conservation in Ghana: The case of Adams Saeed

 The use of Visual Arts to promote environmental conservation is an important vehicle but its strategy for effective conservation outreach is hidden. In Ghana, the use of Visual Arts to promote environmental conservation and preservation is accelerating on a very low-pace, and those who try to initialize this culture have often remained largely undocumented, or stigmatized and stereotyped as mere objects of decoration in public space and homes. The aim of this is to recommend a return to a primary lifestyle which reminds us of basic realities easily forgotten in modern way of life which can be much more than just a necessity. The study sought to identify and document some visual arts works of Ken Kojo Adams Saeed which promote environmental conservation in Ghana. Descriptive research methodology was utilised in this study. The study concluded that, Ken Kojo Adams Saeed, a Ghanaian young artist, identified waste that create nuisance and sanitation problems in communities and used them as a resource material to create phenomenal sculptural works. His works educate and conscientize the public on waste management and environmental conservation. The study, therefore, recommends the promotion of environmental artists to harness development.

The Use of Visual Arts in Environmental Conservation in Ghana: The Case of Adams Saeed
Published: August 31, 2020

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